Hard Cheese

The Lankaaster

The Lankaaster is is a hard cheese with a slightly open texture. The cheese is shaped as a loaf to express the fact that it is meant to be sliced and eaten directly on bread as the Dutch farmers do. It has a unique profile that is given by the specific starter culture we use and makes it typical of cheeses made on Dutch farms earlier in the century. Packed in wedges vacuum sealed. Aged 2 - 4 months, categorized in mild or medium.

The Glengarry Fen

The Glengarry Fen is made in the tradition of the Welsh region of the British Isles It is a hard cheese that can be used as a table cheese as well as for grating. Its strong sweet lactic taste is unique amongst the hard cheeses family. Packed in wedges vacuumed sealed. Aged 2 - 4 months.